Where has the time gone?!

Jeremiah 29:11:
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I’m freaking out a bit about the fact that October is half over and I still have TONS to do – I have no idea where the time has gone!  But I’m forcing myself to sit back, focus a little, and make a plan. A really strong cup of coffee in my hand really helps with that ;-)

My focus this week: Finish some projects
I’ve been making progress in several different areas recently, but I feel like I’m not actually finishing anything, just making progress.  And sometimes, progress isn’t enough – I need to be able to mark it completely off of my list! So this week, my goal is to finish revisions on at least 2 papers and get them sent off, either to publishers or to my collaborators.  And I need to find my passport, not just keep looking!

Feeling proud that Pooh just sorted all the laundry
Relaxing a bit before tackling the weekend cooking plan
Figuring out what side I’ll make for a family dinner tomorrow

What I accomplished this week:
Met (twice) with a collaborator to move a project forward
Attended lots of meetings and met the University President
I ate well – I’ve been struggling with this, but this week I did well!
Helped a student improve her portfolio
Caught up on the little stuff at work
Spent time with P-Daddy and Pooh
Participated in our monthly Foster Parent Advisory Board meeting

Language goals this week
Keep practicing Spanish vocab with the iPad app
Practice Spanish with Pooh (he thinks it’s hilarious!)
Look into current Spanish meet-up options

From the Camera:
Speaking of where the time has gone, I cannot believe that Pooh is FIVE years old!

Sadly, we have no pics of him in 2008, since he was not a part of our family yet at that point. We met him just after his first birthday. Here he is in 2009, my chunky monkey:


 By Fall 2010, he was firmly ensconced in our home and hearts! He and P-Daddy were already the best of friends, and they had a great time on this trip to the Austin Zoo.


In 2011, Pooh was 3, and he got to experience his first foster brother.  Here they are having a great time playing together (sorry, no face shots allowed)!


In 2012, Pooh started Pre-K.  Even though he was getting bigger, he was still really just a sweet little tyke who loved his stuffed animals and footie jammies.

And now, in 2013, just look at him!  He’s a big boy!  How did this happen?!


Time has really flown!
It’s becoming so much more important to me to spend time and effort and enjoyment with my Kiddo and build a great relationship with him, and with P-Daddy.

Menu Plan for the Week
I am realizing that I am heading off on vacation with my gal pals in just 3 weeks.  And in thinking about that, I am realizing that it is the perfect time to do a Fuel Cycle. It’s not so much about how I’ll look while I’m there as it is about not wanting to gain above my current weight while I’m there – we’ll be in Guatemala, and many of my THM-friendly staples will just not be available. Plus, I like doing a Fuel Cycle every couple months, so I think it’s time again! Here’s what I’m thinking I’ll be eating this week:

Monday (Deep S)
B: Bacon and eggs, bulletproof coffee
L: Smoked brisket, salad, faux-tato salad, Shrinker
D: Lemon pepper wings, green fries, water with lemon
Sn: GGMS, skinny chocolate, lemon mousse, cucumber slices

Tuesday (Deep S)
B: Fuel cycle frittata, bulletproof coffee
L: Kai si ming, GGMS
D: Pan-fried salmon, buttered broccoli, hot tea
Sn: Shrinker, skinny chocolate, chocolate pudding, pepper strips

Wednesday (Deep S)
B: Fuel cycle frittata, bulletproof coffee
L: Salmon on a large salad w/ olive oil and lemon juice, GGMS
D: Grilled steak and veggies, hot tea
Sn: Singing canary, skinny chocolate, basic whey smoothie, cucumber slices

Thursday (FP)
B: Overnight oats w/ raspberries, java chiller
L: Seven-layer salad (FP style, of course!), singing canary
D: Chicken breast with creamless creamy veggies, hot tea
Sn: FF greek yogurt w/ berries, cucumber slices, cottage berry whip, GGMS

Friday (FP)
B: Egg white scramble with plenty of veggies, java chiller
L: Mexican cottage cheese salad, GGMS
D: Loaded fotato soup, salad, hot tea
Sn: Cottage berry whip, Wasa with Laughing Cow, pepper strips, Shrinker

Saturday (E)
B: Ezekiel french toast with slim belly jelly, coffee w/ FF half n half
L: Beef and bean burritos, brown rice, Shrinker
D: Curried lentils, roasted brussel sprouts, hot tea
Sn: FF greek yogurt w/ berries, apple w/ pb, chia tapioca pudding, GGMS

Sunday (E)
B: Peaches and cream oatmeal, coffee w/ FF half-n-half
L: Split pea soup, Deutsche Kuche toast, singing canary
D: 7-layer-Southwest salad w/ brown rice and black beans, hot tea
Sn: Wasa with Laughing Cow, veggies, cottage berry whip, canary

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4 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?!

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  2. It does make a world of difference sometimes to just get one thing DONE. I loved seeing all those pictures in the time progression–makes me want to put pictures of my 2 boys together in that kind of order to see how much they’ve grown.

    • yeah, all his pants from last year are now high waters, which is what made me really look at him and realize how much he’s growing!

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