Sue’s Snack List

Ever have those moments when you waited just a bit too long to eat and you are wondering if you should pour ketchup or mustard on your arm before you start chewing on it (mustard is way more THM-Friendly, by the way!)? You know, the times when even the thought of the wait in a drive-thru line is just too much? This Drive Thru Sue is all too familiar with that feeling and it drives me NUTS!

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Bulk cooking on THM

Since I’ve been posting so much about my alter-ego Drive Thru Sue, there’s a good chance that many of you are thinking that I can’t cook and that my Kiddo survives on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (he pretty much does, but that is because he’s super-picky and insists on pb&j at many meals. It’s not related to my cooking skills!).

Anyway, from my Simple Starter Menu, to my must-have specialty items, to my weekend prep, my goal is to keep things simple and easy.  Continue reading

Sue’s Specialty Stuff

Last week I offered up a great little starter menu for Drive-Thru Sues who are looking to make Trim Healthy Mama possible in the midst of busy weeks when we want to minimize cooking and kitchen time. I called it a starter menu because it’s a menu that even someone starting out could use, since it requires no specialty ingredients; everything on the menu I can get at my tiny little Kroger down the street. So even though some of the ingredients may have been unfamiliar, like Wasa crackers or Truvia, they are generally readily available at most grocery stores. Continue reading

Sue’s Simple Starter Menu

Before you ask, no, my name’s not Sue. It’s Cynthia (but you can call me Cindy). I’ve mentioned before that I have Drive-Thru Sue tendencies at times.  Not all the time, mind you – I really love whole natural foods and I cook a lot. But sometimes life gets crazy!  I work full-time outside of the home, as does P-Daddy, and we have 2 incredibly active 4-year-olds.  Plus right now my Dad is undergoing a 16-week chemo cycle, and I’m on driver duty about once a week. There are definitely days when it’s all I can do to get us all home and get SOMETHING (anything) in the kids’ tummies before I crash. Continue reading