Fall is Finally here!

Jeremiah 29:11:
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I’m kicking back with a freshly-brewed pitcher of THM’s Pumpkin Pie Sip – so warm and delicious, like pumpkin pie in a mug! It finally feels like Fall is in the air and all is right with the world!  On days like today, it’s so easy to just let God be in control!

My focus this week: Productive Work
I’ve spent a lot of extra time these last couple weeks on home and family stuff, but I really need to get back into a productive work routine.  I’ve got tons of stuff to do, papers to write, edit, or re-submit, and I need to get it moving!

Enjoying the quiet after my boys are in bed
Thinking about breakfast with our uni president in the morning
Getting ready to get all my stuff together for tomorrow

What I accomplished this week:
I did get a little done last week!
Finished off our foster care reports for Tigger
Spent some quality time with Pooh and P-Daddy
Attended lots of meetings at work
Caught up on advising stuff at work
Had a productive research meeting with a collaborator
Had a lunch date with P-Daddy to check out his new work assignment

Language goals this week
Keep practicing Spanish vocab with the iPad app
Read 3 books in Spanish with Pooh
Get P-Daddy moving on his online Spanish lessons

From the Camera:

IMG_0293I love Cottage Berry Whip!
And with the great prices on frozen fruit at Kroger this week,
I can have it as often as I want!


It’s finally feeling like Fall!!
The Kiddo is loving getting to wear his hoodies again :-)


Kiddo had to take an apple to school for a project one day.
Every day since then, he has insisted on eating an apple on the way to school.
Not sure about the logic, but I love the health benefits!

Menu Plan for the Week

I didn’t do as much cooking this weekend as I would have liked, but I DID get the kitchen cleaned up, which was a huge accomplishment. Luckily, there was still time to throw a few quick items together, plus I’ve got plenty of frozen lunches in my freezer, so I think the week should work out well. I’m just listing our meals again rather than marking them by day since that is working pretty well for me right now. Meals here follow Trim Healthy Mama guidelines, and are marked as S (= Satisfying), E (= Energizing), and  FP (= Fuel Pull).

Blackberry overnite oats and Pumpkin Pie Sip (FP, X2)
Pumpkin baked oatmeal and java chiller (E, X2)
Breakfast burritos, Coffee w/ cream (S, X2)
Trim Healthy pancakes, java chiller (E)

Curried Lentils (E, X2)
Chili Cheeseburger Casserole (S, X2)
Beef and Bean Burritos (E)
Huge salad with steamed salmon (FP)
Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad (FP)

Alfredo chicken and veggies (S)
Pan-fried Salmon with green beans (S)
Curried lentils with brussel sprouts (E)
Steamed salmon with sweet potato (E)
Grilled chicken breast with green beans (FP)
Seven-layer Southwest Salad (FP)
Lemon-Pepper wings (S)

Cottage Berry Whip (FP)
Wasa with Laughing Cow (FP)
Blackberries (FP)
Lemon pudding (FP)
Boiled eggs (S)
Greek yogurt with berries (FP)
Almonds and string cheese (S)

I’m linking up to Start Successful on Monday over at Felicia’s Red Door Life, to Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, to Monday Coffee at The Move to America, and to Trim Healthy Tuesday at Gwen’s Nest and Stacy Makes Cents.




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3 thoughts on “Fall is Finally here!

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  2. Oh, I wish Barry worked close enough for a lunch date! You’re so lucky. And thanks for the heads up on the frozen fruit at Kroger! Going to head there sometime this week. :-)
    Thank you for linking at Trim Healthy Tuesday, as always. :-)

    • I hit up the kroger deal, got some rhubarb and now have NO IDEA what to do with it! If you’ve got a great recipe, let me know!

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