Wrapping up January!

Jeremiah 29:11:
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

This coming week had not even really started and it already promises to be busy busy busy, so I’ve spent the day in the kitchen trying to make sure that I am prepared. So far I’ve made the following:
Strawberry~rhubarb Cottage Berry Whip
A crockpot full of beans
Just Right Porridge’s coconut baking mix
Baking mix for Sheri Graham’s awesome FP cakes
Homemade truvia (with xylitol)
Winter Wonderland Sip (a double batch)
Singing Canary (one batch plus 6 dry mixes)
My weekly menu (scroll to the bottom of the page for it!)

I’ve still got a few more things to do, like these:
Chop and portion veggies
Make chicken salad
Make cranberry pie
Consider whether this Drive Thru Sue can make Thinitos
Print my labels for the mixes I made
Portion out a few more items for lunches and snacks


I’m going to head back to the kitchen as soon as I’m done here, and hopefully finish it all off with time left to spare!

My work focus this week: Paper Revisions/submission
Final revision and resubmission of HTE paper
Final revision and resubmisison of diphthong paper
(so much more to do, but this is gonna take the week!)

My home focus this week: Getting to bed by 10pm
I’ve been staying up way too late recently, and I really need to focus on getting a good night’s sleep. I know that I have some adrenal issues (good thing I love my Singing Canary!) and these late nights are certainly not helping!  So this week, my goal is to be in bed by 10pm nightly – even on nights I work late!  I can do this, yes, I can!

Enjoying a bit of snuggle time with Pooh
Watching Crossing Jordan (I love Netflix!)
Enjoying a bit of relaxation before I head back to the kitchen

What I accomplished this week:
I made it through the second week of classes
I finished off lots of little tasks on my to-do list
I did daily affirmations for P-Daddy every day on facebook
I attended a Trim Healthy Mama local meet-up

Language goals this week:
Keep checking out Duolinguo and Mango Languages

Menu Plan for the Week:
This is a Trim Healthy Mama menu plan, and meals are marked accordingly, where S = Satisfying, E = Energizing, and FP = Fuel Pull. I’m just finishing off a Fuel Cycle on Monday, so it’s a full E day, but the rest of the week I’m freestyling.

Monday (E)
B: Peaches and cream overnite oats, coffee w/ FF half n half
L: Chicken salad with apples, grape tomatoes
D: Beans and greens
Sn: Wasas with Laughing Cow, carrot sticks, cottage berry whip
To Do on Monday: Mix up Canary; pack lunchbag


B: Boiled eggs, coffee w/ cream (S)
L: Salad with tuna, lemon balsamic dressing (FP)
D: Chicken on a low-carb wrap, cranberry pie (S)
Sn: Lemon cake (FP), lite cheesestick (FP), cottage berry whip (FP)
To Do on Tuesday: Make Canary; quick Costco run; pack lunchbag; chop veggies

B: Chocolate-peanut butter MIM; coffee w/ cream (S)
L: Chicken breast on a low-carb wrap, cranberry pie (S)
D: Wasa crackers with lean turkey and Laughing Cow (FP/E)
Sn: Grape tomatoes (FP), cottage berry whip (FP), carrot sticks (FP/E)
To Do on Wednesday: Pack lunchbag, drink bottle, and choco cake extras


B: Egg, kale, and pepper scramble; coffee w/ cream (S)
L: Chicken breast on a lettuce wrap w/ FF mayo, grape tomatoes (FP)
D: Boiled eggs with light cheesestick; protein and greens shake (S)
Sn: Cottage berry whip (FP), chocolate cake (FP), pepper strips (FP)
To Do on Thursday: Pack lunchbag and drinks; prep overnite oats

B: Overnite oats with raspberries, Light Trimmaccino (FP)
L: Wasas with lean turkey and Laughing Cow (FP/E)
D: Steak and buttered broccoli, cranberry pie (S)
Sn: Boiled eggs (S), skinny chocolate (S), lemon cake in a mug (S)
To Do on Friday: Make Canary, prep pancake mix, chop veggies

B: THM pancakes, coffee w/ FF half n half (E)
L: Faux Pho with chicken, bean sprouts (FP)
D: Chili Cheeseburger Casserole (S)
Sn: Apple with 1 tsp pb (E), carrots (E/FP), spice cake (FP)
To Do on Saturday: Make Canary, plan next week’s menu, cook and prep


B: Cinnamon~”sugar” toast, coffee w/ FF half-n-half (E)
L: Loaded fotato soup with grilled cheese (S)
D: Cranberry pie “cereal” with almond milk (S)
Sn: Apple w/ pb (E), lemon cake (FP), veggie strips with salsa and yogurt (FP)
To Do on Sunday: Make Canary, finish/blog menu, chop and portion, pack lunchbag

And there’s the week!

I’ll be linking up to Start Successful on Monday over at Felicia’s Red Door Life, to Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, and to Trim Healthy Tuesday at Gwen’s Nest.

3 thoughts on “Wrapping up January!

  1. Wow, looking at that makes me exhausted but makes me want to jump in the kitchen and do fun awesome things too. I’ve been neglecting my kitchen as of late and any real cooking.

    Good luck on your papers and getting to bed by 10. I understand all to well about the not getting enough sleep. I’ve learned if I make myself go to bed decently I am usually okay early in the morning, I just wish we could still take naps and it be socially acceptable. ;)

  2. Someone on THM-FB posted your website today and I just HAVE to ask… Regarding the photo on the right on your home page, is that Guatemala? We lived there for 5 years, just returning last fall, and that is what our “tuk-tuks” look like (cabs) and our street-bricks where we lived in Chimaltenango! Just curious! =]

    • Sheri, how funny – that IS a Guatemalan tuk-tuk! I think that pic was taken in Pana. I lived in Xela for 4 years and still get back to visit when I can, and, of course, hope to live there again at some point!

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