Un Sueño Despertado (A dream awakened)

I’m participating in Spanish Friday over at Latinaish today. English translation is at the bottom.

Hay que decir que mis sueños de mudarme a un lugar internacional han sido un poco dificil recientemente. Mi trabajo va bien, mi hijo está feliz con su escuela, mi esposo está pensando en ponerse un negocio aqui en la ciudad donde vivimos ahora. Pero para mí, los sueños no se desaparecen, solo duermen un ratito. Esta semana mis sueños despertaron de nuevo cuando ví este rotulo en frente de un edificio cerca de mi casa:

Una iglesia internacional, con escuela, tan cerca?! Antes de seguir, hay que entender que aqui en Texas, hay un montón de gente de todas partes del mundo. Pero decir “bilingue” o “internacional” casi siempre se refiere al inglés y el español. Entonces, pensé, será posible que se van a abrir una escuela, de pocas cuadras de mi casa, donde Pooh pudiera aprender el español?!

Al momento de llegar a casa, hice una busqueda por la red para averiguar de esa escuela. Sí, es una escuela bilingue, donde los niños hablan el inglés y el español todos los dias. Ya he escrito al director para preguntar de las posibilidades. No tengo nada mas de detalles todavia, pero, un sueño despertado, eso, sí lo tengo!

And now the English translation
I should tell you that my dreams of becoming an expat have been put on the back burner recently. My job is going well, Pooh is happy with his school, and P-Daddy is thinking of starting a business in the city we currently live in. But my dreams of becoming an expat never really disappear, they just sleep a while. This week, my dreams were re-awakened when I saw this sign in front of an empty building close to our house.

An international church, with a school, so close to us?! Now, before I continue, you have to understand that here in Texas, there are tons of people from all over the world. But when the word “bilingual” or “international” is used, it almost always refers to English and Spanish, not any of the other 100′s of languages represented in the metroplex. So, I thought, is it really possible that they are about to open a school just a few blocks from my house where Pooh can learn Spanish?!

The minute I got home I googled the church and school to get more information. Yep, it’s a bilingual school, where the students use both English and Spanish every day. I’ve already emailed the administration to request more information. I have no more details at this point, but a dream awakened, that I have!

4 thoughts on “Un Sueño Despertado (A dream awakened)

  1. How exciting! I hope your child gets in. A dual immersion school was something I badly wanted but that was not available to my children so I really understand your hopes to put him in one. Suerte!

    By the way, I loved this line: “Pero para mí, los sueños no se desaparecen, solo duermen un ratito.”


    • I hope so too! It would be so good for him, even if we don’t move for a while! And I was hoping that line adequately expressed what I was feeling – after writing it in Spanish, I ran it through an English translator and it sounded just like the English of so many of my Spanish-speaking friends that I figured it was probably workable even though not perfect ;-)

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