Mijo y su español

I’m participating in Spanish Friday over at Latinaish today. English translation is at the bottom, below the picture of that beautiful little boy.

Mi hijo piensa que habla Español. Lo que digo yo es que él sabe el español de Dora. Sabe “ven” y “ayudame” y los numeros, pero casi nada mas. Pero piensa que sí sabe el español. Un día una mujer estuvo hablando con P-Daddy sobre cuales idiomas hablaban. Ella dijo que hablaba el chino. P-Daddy respondió que él tambien hablaba el chino. El Pooh interrumpió para decir “Yo hablo el español. Mira? uno…dos…tres…cuatro…cinco…seis…siete…ocho…nueve…diez!”

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Wonderful Wednesday: The things my kids say

So I mentioned recently how HOT it is getting here in North Texas. Pooh and Tigger are really feeling the heat! Today, Pooh refused to get in the car when I picked them up from daycare because his carseat was so hot. I told him it would cool down quickly with the air on, and he finally agreed to get in.

[Don't worry, that picture was not taken today. I am not so cruel
as to dress him in a nice warm long-sleeved shirt in this weather!]

Halfway home, Tigger let it be known that he was listening:

Mommy, you were right! It’s colding up in here!