Sweaty Summer Cycling – Fuel Cycling, that is!

This week I’m starting the second week of my Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle. Right at this point I’m down about 1.6 pounds from the day I started my Fuel Cycle, and that’s a pretty good loss for me, so I want to see if doing the second week will push me along even further.

Update on Day 8: As of today, my scale tells me that I am down 3.8 pounds on one week of the Fuel Cycle! WooHoo! Last week, I planned my menu carefully, selecting my meals with an eye toward health, calories, and whether they were S, E, or FP. Unfortunately, I didn’t really consider the weather, which, here in North Texas, was in the 90′s. So as I moved into my FP and E days and we hit the first official day of Summer, I found myself improvising, desperate to keep my kitchen as cool as possible and serve cool and refreshing meals rather than warm soups and things like that.

This week, the weather looks like it’s going to be about the same around here. This is really gonna test the effectiveness of my homemade deodorant!


In planning this week’s Fuel Cycle menu, I deliberately chose meals that either (a) require no cooking or (b) can be fixed quickly and easily on the stovetop or in the toaster oven without heating up my kitchen. My Deep S breakfasts and dinners fit category (b), but those are yummy and Satisfying enough that they are worth the bit of time at the stove. Many of my FP and E meals, however, require no cooking at all. Pair those with a nice refreshing glass of Good Girl MoonShine, and you’ve got a cool and refreshing meal that can be served – and enjoyed – on even the hottest days of Summer!

Tuesday (Deep S)
B: Soft boiled eggs, bulletproof coffee
L: Large salad with grilled chicken, oil and balsamic dressing
D: Pan-fried salmon with faux fried rice
S: GGMS, skinny chocolate, basic whey smoothie, cucumbers
Wednesday (Deep S)
B: Fuel cycle frittata, bulletproof coffee
L: Steak fajita salad, oil and vinegar dressing
D: Salmon fillets with green fries
S: GGMS, skinny chocolate, tummy tucking ice cream

Thursday (Deep S)
B: Spinach omelette, bulletproof coffee
L: Salad with tuna, oil and balsamic dressing
D: Fish tacos (fried salmon in wonder wraps), fresh cabbage
S: GGMS, skinny chocolate, peppers, cake in a mug

Friday (Fuel Pull)
B: Overnight oats w/ raspberries, java chiller
L: Low carb tortilla w/ laughing cow and lean turkey, pepper strips, savory yogurt dip
D: Tuna salad with light mayo on wasa crackers
S: GGMS, yogurt with berries, tummy tucking ice cream

Saturday (Fuel Pull)
B: Cottage berry whip, java chiller
L: BLT on a wonder wrap, cucumber chips
D: Fuel Pull Pizza, lots of veggies
S: GGMS, yogurt with berries, tummy tucking ice cream, wasa with laughing cow

Sunday (E)
B: Black bean breakfast burrito, java chiller
L: Chicken salad wraps with apple chunks, zucchini chips
D: Mexican cottage cheese salad with mango salsa,
S: GGMS, yogurt w/ berries, apple w/ 1 tsp pb

Monday (E)
B: Sourdough french toast, java chiller
L: Pico de gallo gazpacho, Deutsche Kuche bread with light yogurt spread
D: Southwestern black bean salad, greek yogurt
S: GGMS, yogurt w/ berries, ricotta creme

I’m linking up to Trim Healthy Tuesday over at Gwen’s Nest and Stacy Makes Cents – head on over to check out all the THM-friendly treats you can incorporate in your own Fuel Cycle!

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