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Before you ask, no, my name’s not Sue. It’s Cynthia (but you can call me Cindy). I’ve mentioned before that I have Drive-Thru Sue tendencies at times.  Not all the time, mind you – I really love whole natural foods and I cook a lot. But sometimes life gets crazy!  I work full-time outside of the home, as does P-Daddy, and we have 2 incredibly active 4-year-olds.  Plus right now my Dad is undergoing a 16-week chemo cycle, and I’m on driver duty about once a week. There are definitely days when it’s all I can do to get us all home and get SOMETHING (anything) in the kids’ tummies before I crash.

In my pre-Trim Healthy Mama life, stressful times just meant that I indulged in Taco Bell a lot for dinner, and I’d seek out whatever I could find on campus for lunch since I didn’t have time or energy to fix anything at home and carry it with me. Don’t ever assume that you can find healthy options on a college campus!  A good assumption, though, is that they’ll have a Starbucks, so I’d skip breakfast, or just grab a venti latte instead – no problem, no worries – it was always a Skinny ;-)

Now that I’m THM-ing, stressful busy times can be really hard in terms of food.  Even if there’s time to cook, there’s no time to clean and wash dishes. And if you follow THM, you know that dishes stack up FAST! Because my tendency is just to give up and make a run for the border (have I mentioned how much I love Taco Bell?!), I have to make sure that I’m prepared and ready even when life gets hectic. So, I’ve developed several quick and easy meals that require little to no cooking, and I’ve created several menus that make THM workable for me even when I have very little time to spend in the kitchen, which I plan to share on Trim Healthy Tuesday for the next few weeks. Before we go any further, let me add that these menus are designed to feed ONE person – I can always find things to feed the kids, but it’s harder to feed myself for some reason. So if you have multiple people on THM, you’ll need to adjust as needed for the additional people.


The menu that I’m sharing this week is what I call Sue’s Simple Starter Menu.  It is purposely created only with items that can be found in most regular grocery stores, and no “specialty items” are required (but stay tuned next week when Sue gets some specialty items and broadens out her menu in multiple ways!). It takes very little cooking (less than 1/2 hour each evening), and breakfasts and lunches are grab-and-go easy. Given all that, this is definitely NOT a purist menu – it liberally makes use of convenience items and frankenfoods like low-carb tortillas. It is also NOT a frugal menu – unless a lot of these items are already in the stockpile, the grocery shop for this week costs more than what a normal week does for me. But it’s still cheaper than eating out every meal, and each meal is completely on-plan for THM!

This menu plan includes 3 parts:

  1. A grocery list of everything you need to follow this menu
  2. The actual menu plan, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, with meals color-coded by meal-type (S = yellow, E = green, FP = blue)
  3. A day-by-day list of what you need to do each evening to get dinner ready and prep done for the next day.

It’s REALLY simple! Rather than posting it all here, I’ve created a handy-dandy pdf version that you can just download, print, take along with you to the store, and then post in your kitchen for the week. Click here for Sue’s Simple Starter menu. Enjoy!

trim-healthy-tuesdays-banner2I’m linking up to Trim Healthy Tuesday over at Gwen’s Nest and Stacy Makes Cents – come on over and find all kinds of THM goodies to try out!

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20 thoughts on “Sue’s Simple Starter Menu

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  4. Wow! This will be a great resourse. Sending link to my THM sister who lives in the southern boonies of Missouri and can’t always get the things in the book!

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  6. Thanks for the menu idea…I am new to THM and want to give this a try this week! Looking at the recipes for Monday and I am confused about the BLT quesadillas dinner. Am I supposed to use low-carb tortillas for this recipe? If so, how many would keep it an “S” meal? Thx for your help in getting started!

  7. Do you have anymore of these menus? My mom got off on a good start because of your help!! She asked me the other day if there were anymore. Just wondering.

    Noticed the ex-pat thing…I just took my childhood friend to the airport on Monday…She moved to Equador. Where are you all hoping to go?

    Thank you for your help!! Amy

    • Sorry for such a late response! We had a death in the family and I am just now getting back on track!

      I had been (and will be again) posting my weekly menus each Monday, but this is the only one I’ve done so far with the grocery list and detailed daily instructions.

      We hope to end up in Latin America somewhere but have not made a final decision as to where. I hope your friend is enjoying Ecuador!

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