Stepping Away from the Scale!

Those who know me well know that I’m a daily weigher. Every morning, stepping on the scale is a part of my routine, as is writing my weight on the calendar (is it ironic that it’s a Chick-Fil-A calendar?) that hangs prominently above the scale in the bathroom. I love looking at overall trends and weekly trends and daily fluctuations and just seeing how the scale often makes absolutely no sense. As this article points out, things like sodium content of your food, glycogen storage in your muscles, what time of day we weigh, and countless other factors (like a dying battery in your scale!) can influence the number on the scale. I get that, so I’m okay weighing daily, right?

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Well, maybe not! See, my Trim Healthy Mama Turtles group is starting a Step Away From the Scale challenge for the month of July. At first, I was not going to participate. After all, I have no trouble understanding why the scale lies and not getting freaked out about little (or big) daily fluctuations. But the more I clung to my scale the more I realized that maybe I was a little too attached. Was it possible? Is my scale just a bit too important to me? It was hard to admit, but yes, I think it is! When I remembered that last time I took a trip for more than 2 weeks I bought a scale when I got there (and left it there when I came home), I am firmly convinced that I am relying more on the scale than is probably good for me.

There are lots of reasons why stepping away from the scale is a good idea. First and foremost, I am more than a number on a scale! Second, Trim Healthy Mama is more than just about weight-loss; it’s about nourishing our bodies and spirits, healing problematic issues, and loving the wonderful creations that God has made us. So life without a scale (oh my goodness, will I have easy access to a scale when our expat life begins?!) is not a tragedy, but an opportunity to experience getting to know my body a little bit better without worrying about a number.

So, on July 1, I am taking my measurements and stepping away from the scale for the rest of the month. I’ll be focusing on health, nutrition, exercise and my beautiful body ;-) Will you join me?

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7 thoughts on “Stepping Away from the Scale!

  1. Before THM I was a chronic weigher – I would weigh daily and write it down to a tenth of a point….I was also an under-eater and over-exerciser. I’m so glad to say that THM has freed me from that mindset. :-)
    Good luck on your challenge! Thanks for linking at Trim Healthy Tuesday!

  2. I also weight myself way too much. It can be very discouraging to look at the numbers. I have such high hopes when i step on the scale but I can’t seem to breakthrough below my stuck weight. Let’s not even talk about when I’m a couple pounds up. My hubs has highly advised that I NOT weigh myself so often.

    • I’m only 7 days into this challenge and it’s already hard! But definitely making me think about things in a different way!

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