Ready for the week!

Jeremiah 29:11:

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God’s got the overall plan for me under control, so I’m just working on the little stuff here on my end! I’m experimenting with changing up some categories on my planning post this week, most notably the following:

(1) Instead of including a to-do list, I am including a list of accomplishments for the past week. I tend to have an on-going to-do list in my calendar, and having it here just seemed a bit redundant.  But I love looking back at my accomplishments, even if they weren’t on my to-do list to start with!

(2) I’ve also changed my “On deck with the Kiddos” to “Our language goals for the week” – we really want to focus on all of making some progress on Spanish, so we’ll see how that works for us.

(3) Finally, I’m linking up for the first time to Monday Coffee with The Move to America – this is just a chance to enjoy a bit of fellowship with others. I need some expat blogging friends, and I’m excited to see what the link-up has to offer!

Watching my boys have a great time with the new (to us) foosball table
Ignoring the pile of laundry next to me
Looking forward to BED!

What I accomplished this week:
Attended multiple meetings
Emailed some collaborators about our work
Took Dad to chemo and figured out the train situation
Celebrated Pooh’s birthday in multiple ways
Finished rating abstracts for our national conference

Language goals this week
Find someone to talk Spanish to for at least 1/2 hour
Help the boys practice counting to 10 in Spanish
Teach P-Daddy 10 new words in Spanish

From the Camera:


Pooh had a plain jane cake for his second birthday


I got a bit more elaborate when he turned 3


He was in an Angry Birds phase last year (age 4)


And I was totally lazy for his 5th birthday last week!

Menu Plan for the Week

I am two weeks into my Fuel Cycle (down about 3 pounds, and continuing for a third week for the first time ever!), so this menu is another Fuel Cycle menu. Meals here follow Trim Healthy Mama guidelines for the Fuel Cycle, but I’ve only got 2 Deep S (= Satisfying) days instead of 3 since my Fuel Cycle ends on Saturday.  I’ve still got 2 FP (= Fuel Pull) days, and 2 E (= Energizing) days.

Monday (Deep S)
B: Fuel Cycle frittata, coffee with cream
L: Lemon pepper wings with pepper strips
D: Pork chop with balsamic mushrooms
Sn: Lemon mousse, skinny chocolate, cake in a mug

Tuesday (Deep S)
B: Eggs and bacon, coffee w/ cream
L: Pork chop, buttered broccoli
D: Fried chicken, green fries
Sn: Fuel Cycle frittata, basic whey smoothie, skinny chocolate

Wednesday (FP)
B: Overnite oats with raspberries, java chiller
L: Tuna salad
D: Broccoli and chicken alfredo with konjac noodles
Sn: Wasa with laughing cow, pepper strips, light cheese stick

Thursday (FP)
B: Egg white scramble, java chiller
L: FP 7-layer salad
D: Succulent Citrus fish bake, steamed broccoli
Sn: Kefir smoothie with raspberries, Greek yogurt

Friday (E)
B: Peaches and cream oatmeal, java chiller
L: Fish tacos, side salad
D: Black bean salad
Sn: Popcorn, cottage berry whip, apple with 1 tsp pb

Saturday (E)
B: Trim Healthy pancakes, Shrinker
L: Turkey sandwich on Deutsche Kuche bread
D: Chicken tacos
Sn: Cottage cheese, kefir smoothie with berries, toast

Sunday – my Fuel Cycle is finally over!
B: Breakfast burritos, coffee w/ cream
L: Cheeseburger pie
D: Chef salad with lots of CHEESE
Sn: Ricotta creme, satisfying sundae, nuts!!

I’m linking up to Start Successful on Monday over at Felicia’s Red Door Life, to Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, and to Monday Coffee at The Move to America



I’m also linking up to Trim Healthy Tuesday over at Gwen’s Nest and Stacy Makes Cents – come on over and find all kinds of other things to put in your mealplan!

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8 thoughts on “Ready for the week!

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  2. I really like the idea of listing your accomplishments instead of your to-do list especially since I think I didn’t manage to get one thing on my to-do list done last week but I did accomplish other stuff (sure wish I could remember what it was!). Hope you have a great week!

    • That was much of my reasoning, Jean – I had a productive week, but the productivity was not in the direction I had planned!

  3. First I love how you are making your weekly plan work for you! That’s the whole mind set behind this link up was to encourage others to set a plan that works for them. It just makes me giddy to see you going with it. :)

    I love the idea of a accomplished list instead of a to do list. And I love the Spanish goals, I think it’s so cool you are actively teaching your family Spanish.

    I am going ultra lazy this year on the Kyla’s (my oldest) birthday and having a friend make her cupcakes. I just don’t have it in me.

    Happy belated to birthday Pooh.

  4. Found you at the Trim Healthy Tuesday link-up and just wanted to say that I’ll be your friend. :) I’m an American living in Malaysia. I’ve been an expat in three countries now for a total of about 10 years! Two years in the Cayman Islands, six years in Indonesia, and two so far in Malaysia. We love the expat life and wouldn’t have it any other way (unless God asked us to, of course!)

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