Planning for an emotional week

Jeremiah 29:11:
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God’s got the overall plan for me under control, so I’m just working on the little stuff here on my end! Today, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee while I reflect on this past week, look forward to the one beginning, and do what I can to make the week more successful for all of us here at ExpatPrep!

My focus this week: Being strong for my Kiddos
We found out on Friday that Tigger may be leaving us this week. His grandparents have requested that they be given custody, and it looks like that might happen, despite lots of reasons why that is a really bad idea. Poor Pooh and Tigger – we’ve been trying to prepare both boys for it. Tigger will be happy to live with his grandparents, but he does not really understand that this means that he will not see us again. And Pooh, well, he loves having friends come live with us, so when he heard that Tigger might go live with his own family again, he burst out in tears over a past foster child that had gone home and he still misses. He’s pretty social, that Kiddo!

I’ve been packing up all of Tigger’s stuff in case the judge says to move him, and I’ve been in tears already multiple times. Life as a foster parent is not easy, lemme tell you! But I’m trying this week to stay strong and help the boys deal with this parting.  I’m sure that I’ll be crying on P-daddy’s shoulder on Wednesday, either out of sadness for Tigger, who has so much potential but really needs a stable home, or out of joy that maybe there’s some hope for the system after all.

Enjoying a quiet house
Deciding what to pack next
Making a mental grocery list (why am I not writing it down?!)

What I accomplished this week:
Enjoyed time with my Kiddo
Got moving on some research
Hosted a local THM meet-up
Researched hotels for the gal pal vacation
Talked a lot with P-Daddy about work options for the coming year

Language goals this week
Practice Spanish
Find an online game for the boys in Spanish
Convince P-Daddy to start an online Spanish course

From the Camera:
Since I’m so excited about our gal-pal vacation, I’ve been revisiting the trip that P-Daddy and I took to Guatemala last year.  The girls and I are also headed to Guatemala, but our itinerary will differ somewhat. I’ll make sure to re-visit some favorites with them, though! In addition, I may be visiting some schools and NGO’s there, with an eye toward getting us there as quickly as possible :-)


We’ll definitely get this same view when we enjoy a beer at the Sunset in Pana


P-Daddy was excited to see this Vietnam fusion place, and I may introduce the girls to it


We won’t be in Patzun, where this pic was taken, but the modes of transportation are pretty much the same anywhere:  chicken bus, tuk-tuk, moto, or car (including taxis)

Menu Plan for the Week
With all that’s going on this week, I definitely need quick and easy!  I’ll be relying a lot on the meals and ingredients in Sue’s Simple Starter Menu, but we’ll be eating out several meals as well. Meals here follow Trim Healthy Mama guidelines, and are marked as S (= Satisfying), E (= Energizing), and  FP (= Fuel Pull).

B: Coffee with cream, boiled egg (S)
L: Bread in a Mug (BIM) grilled cheese, tomato soup (S)
D: Uncle Sam’s cereal with almond milk (E)
Sn: Veggie strips (FP), almonds (S), Shrinker (FP)

B: Coffee with cream, fried eggs, a little cheddar, low-carb tortilla (S)
L: Lean turkey and laughing cow on a low-carb tortilla (FP)
D @ El Zacatecano: Fajita salad (S)
Sn: Greek yogurt w/ berries (FP), pumpkin whip (FP), GGMS (FP)

B: Pumpkin overnite oats, Java chiller (FP)
L: Wasa with laughing cow, cottage berry whip (FP)
D: Chicken breast, steamed veggies (FP)
Sn: Veggie strips (FP), light cheesestick (FP), Shrinker (FP)

B: Peaches and cream oatmeal, Java chiller (E)
L @ Subway: Lean turkey on whole wheat (E)
D: Seven layer Southwest Salad (E)
Sn: Apple with 1 tsp pb (E), ricotta creme (FP), GGMS (FP)

B: Coffee with cream, boiled eggs (S)
L @ KFC: Grilled chicken with green beans (S)
D: Alfredo chicken and broccoli (S)
Sn: Skinny chocolate (S), satisfying sundae (S), almonds (S)


B: TH pancakes with berries and greek yogurt, Java chiller (E)
L @ Chipotle: Carnitas salad w/ sour cream and guac (S)
D: Succulent citrus fish bake, steamed broccoli (FP)
Sn: Wasa with laughing cow (FP), cottage berry whip (FP), light string cheese (FP)

B: Coffee with cream, sausage frittata (S)
L: Grilled chicken breast, pan-fried cauliflower (S)
D @ Cici’s: Crustless pizza, salad (S)
Sn: Skinny chocolate (S), ricotta creme (FP), almonds (S)

I’m linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, to Monday Coffee at The Move to America and to Trim Healthy Tuesday over at Gwen’s Nest and Stacy Makes Cents – come on over and find all kinds of other things to put in your mealplan!



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