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Next week, our daycare is closed.  Have I mentioned that we LOVE our daycare provider? She’s incredible – great with the kids, totally down to earth, and doesn’t put up with their intended shenanigans. And we found her on Craigslist, yes, yes we did. I know, I know, safety, and common sense, and blah blah blah. We called and talked, went by and visited and had a nice long interview with her, watched her interact with the kids, and decided to give it a chance. Best move we’ve made, lemme tell you! But even awesome DCP’s deserve a break sometime, so she is closing up shop next week and taking a bit of vacation.  So, we scheduled our vacation for the same week, and we’re heading for the hills (I know, I wish it was the border too!  But just going out of state with a foster child is a hassle, and out of the country would be too much trouble to be worth it).

We’re avoiding all that hassle and staying within the grand state of Texas. That’s about as close to the border as you can get. We’ll be spending the week in San Antonio, so culturally we’ll also get a good dose of Latin America. Maybe it will get all 3 of my boys to use a bit of Spanish!  We found our bed and breakfast on AirBnB – if you haven’t tried this service, we highly recommend it, at least based on our (somewhat limited) experience so far.  Basically, people rent out space in their homes, and you get the coziness of a BnB without the typical price tag.  Check it out here (but be aware, that’s my affiliate link right there!)

Anyway, even though we’ll be traveling, we still want to eat as healthy as possible, especially in hopes of controlling Tigger’s sugar-induced meltdowns. So I am planning and packing and purchasing a variety of Trim Healthy Mama treats and snacks for us. Now, I’ll note that we’ve got a small car, 2 boys in carseats, and a nanny (my niece) traveling with us.  We do NOT have room for a ton of food.  So we are packing a few snacks for the road and some must-haves that may be hard to find or much more expensive, but then we plan to find a local grocery store for the rest of the stuff.  Here’s our packing list:

Cooler items and car snacks:
boiled eggs (S)
light cheese sticks (FP)
special agent brownies (S)
skinny chocolate (S)
wasa with laughing cow (FP)
low carb tortillas with lean turkey or chicken (FP)

We’ll be stopping for meals and I’ll try for something like grilled chicken or a bunless burger.  Though I’ve heard that Cracker Barrel has a good selection of low-carb items now, so maybe I’ll look for one of those. Since we’re unlikely to need ALL of that above in the car, I expect to have enough of things like cheese sticks and skinny chocolate to last us through part if not all of the week. We’ll supplement with a few items we’ll pick up at a local grocery once we arrive and actually have the chance to check out our fridge space and kitchen possibilities. The owners of the house have mentioned that we can cook with them and share meals if we want, and we know that there’s a bbq grill in the back that we can use.  For now, I’m just planning on some simple items that can be used for snacks and light meals, starting with these staples.

Stuff we’ll buy once we are there
0% greek yogurt
almond milk
lean sandwich meat
low-carb tortillas


One easy snack or meal that I want to have ready is overnight oats. So I’ve prepared these little condiment cups with 1/4 cup oats, 1.5 tsp of truvia, and 1.5 tsp of chia seeds. I’m bringing along some jars for the overnight soak, and we’ll just pour in the dry ingredients, add yogurt, berries, and almond milk.  That’s my kind of meal/snack – cheap, easy, healthy, and oh-so-delicious! In addition, I’m packing a few more things to have on hand for easy snacks:

Stuff for when we get there
overnight oats packets
beef jerky
brown bag popcorn
stevia (powder and liquid)
Wasa crackers
Swanson whey protein powder


Some of that stuff I wouldn’t normally take with me and would just buy there, but if we already have it on hand, I may as well make good use of my resources.  Like the Wasa crackers – my local scratch and dent store sells them (in perfect shape, not scratched, dented, or out-of-date) for $0.59 a pack or 2 packs for $1. So it’s hard to bring myself to pay $2 or more for a single pack at a normal grocery store. I’m just cheap thrifty frugal cost-conscious that way!

Other stuff is pretty pricy or is hard to find in stores, so it’s just easier to take with me. One item like this that I’m super-excited about are these flavored liquid stevia bottles that are only $3.95 right now at iherb!


That’s an introductory price, so additional bottles are $8-9 each, but if you haven’t ordered them before, this is a great price! I got these 8 flavors: dark chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, french vanilla. cinnamon vanilla, english toffee, pomegranate blueberry, and lemon twist. I’m taking along a couple bottles to flavor yogurt, water, and anything else I’m feeling like.

My plan is that we will eat out one or two meals a day, but I’d rather not buy all of our snacks on the move.  Having some planned out and available will not only be less expensive in the long run, but will help keep me focused on healthy eating.  That is not to say that I won’t go off-plan at all, but having a plan in place for life on the road is a necessity for me to stay on-track as much as possible!

I’m linking up to Trim Healthy Tuesday over at Gwen’s Nest and Stacy Makes Cents – come on over and check out all the other great THM-friendly ideas!

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5 thoughts on “On the Road with THM

  1. Love Cracker Barrel’s low-carb menu. We just got back from vacation, it was so needed. San Antonio is such an amazing place to visit. And thanks for the heads up on AirBnB we will have to check it out.

    Have fun on your vacation.

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