My To-DIY list

I love making things for myself rather than having to rely on lots of commercial products. When Pooh was in diapers, we made our own cloth wipes, I make my own laundry detergent and dishwasher soap, and (when it’s not 100+ degrees outside), we bake our own bread. Sometimes we get silly with it:

This morning, P-daddy brought home some delicious multigrain raisin buns (nope, not homemade, though you can bet they are now on his bread-baking list!). He piled his with mozzarella, tomato, and basil, but I opted for a sweet treat of Laughing Cow cheese with homemade blackberry jam:

I realized as I ate it that in all my 40+ years, I’ve never made homemade jam or jelly! My mom does, and lovingly provides it for us, and I actually helped pick the blackberries that went into that jam, but making jam/jelly is one thing that I need to put on my To-DIY list. uh-oh. I don’t really have a To-DIY list! Well, at least I didn’t before this post. Because I realized that just having a nebulous idea in my mind isn’t enough! Crystal over at Money Saving Mom keeps a running list of new DIY projects, with one assigned per month. I didn’t want to be that specific, but I did want to have a real actual list. So here it is, my ongoing To-DIY list:

1) Vanilla
2) Jam/jelly
3) Liquid hand/body soap
4) Busy bags for kids
5) Wool nighttime soaker
6) Bar soap
7) Household cleaners
8) Insect repellents (for humans)
9) Natural insecticides (for the garden)
10) Granola/snack bars

I’m sure the list will grow as I continue to think, but just getting those down into one spot helps me think about them more concretely. What about you? What are you To-DIY musts?

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