THM and Pantry Challenge Menu:
July 9-15

P-Daddy and I are talking about buying a cow.

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Not one for the backyard (though fresh raw milk would be excellent!).  One for the freezer.  And really, only part of one for the freezer. But right now, I’m not sure we could fit in a single hoof!  A couple weeks ago I did a huge freezer clean-out and organization, along with a big inventory list so that I knew what was lurking in the back.  I have sort of half-heartedly been using up a few things, but I haven’t stopped buying things to add to my stock. Now it’s time to get serious about it!  Perfect timing to join the Summertime Pantry Challenge over at Good Cheap Eats!

One of the issues with cleaning out the pantry is that it’s summer, and I don’t want to heat up the kitchen by using the oven if I don’t have to.  This weekend I enlisted P-Daddy’s help with this by sending him outside to play grillmaster.  He grilled a bag of chicken breast and a bunch of salmon fillets while I made a big pot of beef and cabbage.  These get portioned out and then stored in the fridge/freezer until we are ready for them.  Along with sides we already have handy, they’ll make up a lot of what we are eating this week.

Since we are participating in the Pantry Challenge, I’ll add that by my estimation, we should be able to go for much of the rest of July with some minimal purchases of fruit/veggies and perhaps meat a little later in the month. And cream, of course – let’s not forget that! It’s P-Daddy’s new addiction…and it makes him happy…and making him happy makes me happy…and when Mama’s happy, Pooh and Tigger are MUCH more likely to be happy!

For the Trim Healthy Mama uninitiated, the letters in parentheses after a meal indicate what type of meal that is. S = Satisfying, and includes plenty of good fats and yummy things like cheese, nuts, and cream, but is low in carbs. E = Energizing, and includes some good carbs, but not much fat. FP = Fuel Pull, and is low in both carbs and fat. This week I’m trying to change things up a bit by making sure on weekdays to have one meal of each type. On the weekends, I go for a little more S since we are all home and all the boys love S meals. We’ll see how it goes in terms of energy and other factors! Here we go with the details…

B: overnight oats w/ peaches, java chiller (E)
L: beef and cabbage (S)
D: lean turkey and laughing cow on low-carb tortilla, faux-tato salad (FP)
Sn: red pepper strips (FP), satisfying sundae (S), wasa with laughing cow (FP)

B: overnight oats w/ raspberries, java chiller (FP)
L: bean burritos, FF yogurt w/ salsa (E)
D: salmon with green fries (S)
Sn: red pepper strips (FP), greek yogurt with berries (FP), fat-strippin’ frappa (FP)

B: overnight oats w/ bluberries, java chiller (FP)
L: beef and cabbage (S)
D: black bean and chicken enchiladas (E)
Sn: yogurt with berries (FP), special agent brownie (S), ricotta creme (FP)

B: baked oatmeal, java chiller (E)
L: lean turkey and laughing cow on low-carb wrap, faux-tato salad (FP)
D: pepperoni fooled ya pizza, broccoli with butter (S)
Sn: carrots (E), satisfying sundae (S), yogurt w/ berries (FP)

B: eggs and bacon, coffee w/ cream (S)
L: lean turkey & laughing cow on deutsche kuche bread, salad (E)
D: taco pie, low-carb tortilla chips and salsa (S)
Sn: ricotta creme (FP), yogurt with berries (FP), fat stripping frappa (FP)

B: eggs and bacon, coffee w/ cream (S)
L: alfredo chicken and broccoli (S)
D: baked oatmeal with almond milk and fruit (E)
Sn: yogurt w/ berries (FP), ricotta creme (FP), pepper strips (FP)

B: overnight oats w/ raspberries, java chiller (FP)
L: chicken and brown rice stir-fry with mixed veggies (E)
D: fish tacos (S)
Sn: carrot sticks (E), yogurt cheese on wasa crackers (FP), special agent brownie (S)

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3 thoughts on “THM and Pantry Challenge Menu:
July 9-15

  1. Those meals sound great. I love how everyone is cleaning out the fridges and pantries lately! I timed my clean out perfect for a huge buy one get one for a penny sale at our local grocer without even realizing it. Go me!!!

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