Mijo y su español

I’m participating in Spanish Friday over at Latinaish today. English translation is at the bottom, below the picture of that beautiful little boy.

Mi hijo piensa que habla Español. Lo que digo yo es que él sabe el español de Dora. Sabe “ven” y “ayudame” y los numeros, pero casi nada mas. Pero piensa que sí sabe el español. Un día una mujer estuvo hablando con P-Daddy sobre cuales idiomas hablaban. Ella dijo que hablaba el chino. P-Daddy respondió que él tambien hablaba el chino. El Pooh interrumpió para decir “Yo hablo el español. Mira? uno…dos…tres…cuatro…cinco…seis…siete…ocho…nueve…diez!”

Recientemente, ha dado cuenta que a veces hay dos palabras que significan la misma cosa. Por escuchar palabras en el español de mí y en el chino de P-Daddy, obviamente piensa que las dos palabras son en diferentes idiomas. Sabes porque pienso así? Es por esta declaración:

Mijo: En español, decir “puke” significa vomitar
[This is REALLY hard to translate into Spanish and it's just not as funny that way! Make sure you read the English version below!]

Aaaayyy mijo, como te amo!

My Kiddo thinks he speaks Spanish. I personally think that what he speaks is Dora Spanish. You know, he knows things like “Ven” [come on] and “ayudame” [help me!], and his numbers, and almost nothing else. But he thinks he knows Spanish.

One day a woman was talking with P-Daddy about what languages they speak. She said she spoke Chinese, and P-daddy responded that he did too. At that point, Pooh interrupted, saying “I speak Spanish, see? uno…dos…tres…cuatro…cinco…seis…siete…ocho…nueve…diez!”

Recently, he has been noticing that you can have 2 words that mean the same thing. Since he hears some Spanish from me and some Chinese from P-Daddy, he apparently thinks that these synonyms must instead be words in different languages. Know how I know? It’s because of this recent declaration:

Pooh: Puke is Spanish for throwing up

Oh, Pooh, how I love you!

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6 thoughts on “Mijo y su español

    • Love that description of drunk alien talk! Pooh sometimes comes along and says a bunch of gobbledygook and then “translates” it for me, saying it’s Spanish.

    • We laugh at both his Dora Spanish and his Kai Lan Chinese (since these are the languages that P-Daddy and I speak)!

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