Making a plan

My favorite scripture, and one that I cling to tightly at this point in my life is Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

This week I was thinking about this scripture, especially in light of several events/pieces of news/situations that have arisen. And I realized, once again, that the future really is NOT in my control. It’s all about where God wants me, and us, and what will bring us peace, joy, and happiness. A hope. And a future. I have to rest in the confidence that God is in control. Meanwhile, that doesn’t mean that I stop planning – no way! That just means that my plans have to be flexible enough to accommodate whatever tweaks or changes God decides to make. Over years of teaching and project-implementation, I’ve realized that the best way to be flexible is to be well-planned; if you know what is coming up next (and after that and after that), it’s easy to move things around and not get thrown off track when the unexpected occurs. So that’s why I love doing these week-beginning posts – I know what needs to be done, and I’m ready for it, but when life happens, I can carry on, not only because I’ve got a plan, but because I know that even if my plan fails, His plan carries on!

Kicked back watching Project Runway
Contemplating God’s plan
Considering if it’s too late for coffee (thinking yes!)

This Week’s To Do List
Revisions on HTE paper
Email comments to students
Continue subset revisions
Gather child language data
Get back in the swing of school!

On Deck with the Kiddos
Take a ride on the TRAIN!
Research local sports teams
Days and months

From the Camera:20130902-205906.jpg

Yum – jackfruit!!


my faux-tato salad for our Labor Day meal

20130902-205704.jpgPooh’s birthday cupcakes (the Lazy Mom way!)

IMG_0108 A t-shirt bag I made recently

Menu Plan for the Week
I am one week into my Fuel Cycle (down a bit, but continuing on for at least another week), so this menu is another Fuel Cycle menu. Meals here follow Trim Healthy Mama guidelines for the Fuel Cycle, so I’ve got 3 Deep S (= Satisfying) days, 2 FP (= Fuel Pull) days, and 2 E (= Energizing) days.

Monday (Deep S)
B: Eggs and bacon, coffee with cream
L: Bunless burgers with faux-tato salad
D: Lemon pepper wings with celery
Sn: Skinny chocolate, cucumbers, nighty-night custard

Tuesday (Deep S)
B: Eggs and bacon, coffee w/ cream
L: Kai si ming
D: Turkey tacos
Sn: Basic whey smoothie, skinny chocolate, boiled egg

Wednesday (FP)
B: Overnite oats with raspberries, java chiller
L: Wasa crackers (2) with lean turkey and laughing cow cheese
D: Asian stir-fry with chicken
Sn: Greek yogurt with berries, chocolate pudding

Thursday (FP)
B: Cookie bowl oatmeal, java chiller
L: Turkey roll-ups, cucumber slices
D: Fotato soup with steamed broccoli
Sn: Lemon pudding, Wasa with laughing cow, FSF

Friday (E)
B: THM pancakes w/ Polaner All-Fruit, java chiller
L: Asian stir-fry with pineapple
D: Black beans and rice
Sn: Apple with peanut butter, cherry tummy tucking icecream

Saturday (E)
B: Egg white scramble with toast, java chiller
L: Seven layer salad
D: Chicken and (FF) feta pizza
Sn: Popcorn, oatmeal smoothie, yogurt w/ berries

Sunday (S)
B: Eggs and bacon, coffee w/ cream
L: Grilled steak, buttered broccoli
D: Pan-fried salmon, green fries
Sn: FSF, skinny chocolate, cake in a mug

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