Howdy, Pardner!

What’s On My Mind today? Vacation! It’s 3 weeks into the new school year and all I want to do is immerse myself in the details of planning our next vacation!

In my defense, we have not taken a real vacation for almost 2 years (Christmas 2009). Our adoption was not legal until this past May, and for the year before that, with Pooh as a foster child, travel outside the state was impossible, and even travel within the state was difficult. This summer, we simply decided that plane travel with a 2-year-old was not on our agenda, and extensive travel in the car with a potty-training-in-progress 2-year-old was an even worse idea. While we could have left Pooh with family, we just didn’t want to – we wanted to enjoy our summer as a family! So, we stayed pretty close to home, with occasional weekends away, but nothing I can really define as a vacation. Even the picture above, which appears to be a vacation, was taken when I traveled to Albuquerque for a conference, without the family. um, and oh yes, it was taken summer 2010, not 2011!

Now that school is in full swing, it’s really hit me that we’ve been vacation-less for so long! So yep, that’s what’s on my mind these days! If you want to see what’s on lots of other people’s minds, join Rhonda over at Down To Earth!

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