Hace tres años

I’m participating in Spanish Friday over at Latinaish today, so this post is in Spanish. Scroll down to see the English translation below.

Mi amor (P-Daddy) y mijo (Pooh), hace 3 años:


Eso fue menos de un mes despues de Pooh vino a vivir con nosotros. En esta epoca estabamos todavia acostumbrandonos de vivir juntos, pero nos habiamos conocido 10 meses antes, y ya el P-Daddy y yo eramos totalmente enamorados con Pooh. Que guapos son mis hombres, verdad?!

And now the English…

The love of my life (P-Daddy) and my Kiddo (Pooh), almost exactly 3 years ago:


This was less than a month after Pooh came to live with us.  We were all still getting used to living with each other, but since we had met him 10 months before this, on his first birthday, P-Daddy and I were already totally in love with him!  They are such handsome boys, aren’t they?!

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