Firecrackers, Food, and the Fourth

It’s a holiday week here, and we are feeling like a holiday since we have sort of a coldfront coming through – we are only supposed to be in the 80′s or very low 90′s this week, people – that’s a definite reason to celebrate!


Celebration and holidays, though, are always pretty hard for me food-wise – I really really want to be good, but I have a terrible time resisting all the goodies! Luckily, 2 of my sisters are Trim Healthy Mamas, too, and my mom has recently been expressing interest as well. So I know we’ll have lots of THM goodies at our July 4th family celebrations and fireworks show. It’s always a ton of fun, last year my brother-in-law taught Pooh how to throw poppers – it’s hard to tell who had more fun with that!

IMG_1255 IMG_1256
Can you tell in those pics that it looks like Pooh is gonna be a lefty? Anyway, I know there’ll also be lots of non-THM goodies at our family celebration, so I’m trying to take it easy before and after the Fourth. Here’s what I’ll be eating this week:

B: bulletproof coffee (S)
L: flatbread with lean turkey and laughing cow, (FP)
D: tuna salad on lettuce leaves (FP)
Sn: baked oatmeal (E), ricotta creme (FP), yogurt with berries (S w/ full-fat yogurt)

B: Java Chiller (FP)
L: flatbread with lean turkey and light swiss (S)
D: bean burritos, cucumber “chips” with salsa (E)
Sn: ricotta creme (FP), yogurt with berries (S or FP), wasa with laughing cow (FP)

B: Java Chiller (FP)
L: Cookout: brisket and ribs, salad, veggies, who knows what else (S)
D: ??? still at my Mom’s, not sure of the plan
Sn: cheesecake (S), ricotta creme (S), Fat strippin Frappa (FP)

B: Java Chiller (FP)
L: baked oatmeal with almond milk and berries (E)
D: rotisserie chicken, buttered broccoli (S)
Sn: yogurt with berries (S or FP), wasa with laughing cow (FP), cheesecake (S)

B: Java Chiller (FP)
L: chicken salad on lettuce leaves (S)
D: eggs and bacon (S)
Sn: baked oatmeal (E), cottage berry whip (FP), pepper strips (FP)

B: baked oatmeal, almond milk, berries (E)
L: lunch out with family – will try for S
D: chicken salad wraps (S)
Sn: yogurt with berries (S or FP), wasa with laughing cow (FP), ricotta creme (S)

B: Java Chiller (FP)
L: flatbread with lean turkey and lite swiss (S)
D: Fooled-Ya Pizza (S)
Sn: pepper strips (FP), cheesecake (S), apple w/ pb (E)

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2 thoughts on “Firecrackers, Food, and the Fourth

    • I used to think that too, but with the protein powder, it’s actually quite filling. I’m not a huge breakfast eater on days that I am working, anyway, and this keeps me a bit longer than just coffee alone. And I do generally have a mid-morning snack – but when I’m trying to get out of the house with myself and 2 four-year-olds ready for the day, my breakfast has to be quick and easy!

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