Stepping Away from the Scale!

Those who know me well know that I’m a daily weigher. Every morning, stepping on the scale is a part of my routine, as is writing my weight on the calendar (is it ironic that it’s a Chick-Fil-A calendar?) that hangs prominently above the scale in the bathroom. I love looking at overall trends and weekly trends and daily fluctuations and just seeing how the scale often makes absolutely no sense. As this article points out, things like sodium content of your food, glycogen storage in your muscles, what time of day we weigh, and countless other factors (like a dying battery in your scale!) can influence the number on the scale. I get that, so I’m okay weighing daily, right?

Woman's feet on scale, isolated on white. Scale screen blank for your text
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Where we are now

This week I was reading a great post over at Down to Earth about how to start your simple life. Rhonda writes:

You can start anywhere – by writing up a budget, menu planning, thinking about how you shop, creating a vegetable garden, buying chooks, making soap, organising your kitchen to better suit how you work, installing solar panels or water tanks/barrels. It could be anything.

I really needed this! Despite the fact that we have at least a general plan, I sometimes feel that we aren’t making any progress toward our goal of moving internationally. Continue reading

My morning (or anytime) pick-me-up: The Java Chiller

So I’ve been Fuel Cycling on Trim Healthy Mama for the past week,and it’s been great! Comparing my weights for the 1st vs. 8th day, I’m down 3.8 pounds! That is huge for me, since I’m generally a turtle whose weight moves super-slow. I attribute part of my success to this luscious drink that I concocted to make it through the week. I call it The Java Chiller.

Wonderful Wednesday: The things my kids say

So I mentioned recently how HOT it is getting here in North Texas. Pooh and Tigger are really feeling the heat! Today, Pooh refused to get in the car when I picked them up from daycare because his carseat was so hot. I told him it would cool down quickly with the air on, and he finally agreed to get in.

[Don't worry, that picture was not taken today. I am not so cruel
as to dress him in a nice warm long-sleeved shirt in this weather!]

Halfway home, Tigger let it be known that he was listening:

Mommy, you were right! It’s colding up in here!

Sweaty Summer Cycling – Fuel Cycling, that is!

This week I’m starting the second week of my Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle. Right at this point I’m down about 1.6 pounds from the day I started my Fuel Cycle, and that’s a pretty good loss for me, so I want to see if doing the second week will push me along even further.

Update on Day 8: As of today, my scale tells me that I am down 3.8 pounds on one week of the Fuel Cycle! WooHoo! Continue reading

Un Sueño Despertado (A dream awakened)

I’m participating in Spanish Friday over at Latinaish today. English translation is at the bottom.

Hay que decir que mis sueños de mudarme a un lugar internacional han sido un poco dificil recientemente. Mi trabajo va bien, mi hijo está feliz con su escuela, mi esposo está pensando en ponerse un negocio aqui en la ciudad donde vivimos ahora. Pero para mí, los sueños no se desaparecen, solo duermen un ratito. Esta semana mis sueños despertaron de nuevo cuando ví este rotulo en frente de un edificio cerca de mi casa:

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Fuel Cycle Frittata

I love frittata and quiche, and over my years of weight watching and dieting, I’ve come to rely on them as a staple. My favorites are full of cheese and cream, plus they contain lots of veggies and sometimes some meat. Recently, I just wanted to get rid of some stuff in my freezer, and I hit upon one that is a definite winner. Since I just threw it together, my measurements are not going to be terribly exact here, but you get the idea.

Swimsuit Season??!! Fuel Cycle Menu coming up!

Eek! Summer’s here, and this Mama is very NOT ready for swimsuit season! To help get a little more prepared, I’m planning to do my third Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle this week. The first time I tried one, I lost about 5 pounds. The second one, I only lost one pound during the Fuel Cycle week, but then I lost another 3 the following week. Since I generally only lose about .2 pounds a week (if that much), these were FANTASTIC losses for me! Continue reading